Jennifer Lawrence and Lynn Cohen on set of Catching Fire (November 26) #TheHungerGames


Jennifer Lawrence and Lynn Cohen on set of Catching Fire (November 26) #TheHungerGames


“I told her I’d try to win for her.”

Katniss Everdeen, the girl on fire!


“May the odds be ever in your favor.”

The Hunger Games (2012)

Keep Your Aim Locked

Hunger Games


You knew it was coming….I went in not knowing anything about it, with no expectations, and came out really enjoying it. Even the concept of children having to kill each other for the populations entertainment. I know it sounds so wrong. The truth is it is(wrong, so wrong). However it is a commentary on where we re as a society. Where this is considered even acceptable. Think about it people…. children killing children….blockbuster!


However because there is a theme of love overcoming all odds, and the person who morally objects to it, Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) actually wins, we seem to sweep it under the rug. Let’s look at how far away from God this whole concept is. Even if we take God out of it lets look at how far away from any sense of compassion or humanity it is. We are at our very essence relational beings, and even though some of us feel that the world would be better without some people roaming it, we would never actually take the action of eliminating them (even if we have thought about it, and maybe come up with a plan for it). Such people that do kill for sport, we consider dangerous, insane and criminal. Yet let’s watch a movie about kids killing kids for sport, and its all ok.

We excuse it because it is just a movie, or it is someones fantasy, or plain fiction. Yet it is a huge statement on where we are as a society, that so many people, spent so much money (me included), to participate in the promotion of this, and then condone it too. How far have we gone from love your neighbor, how far have we gone from let’s all work together in love, and take care of each other, as is very human and normal to our nature. Instead we are saying kill the weak, we are promoting a thinking of, if you are not strong enough, wealthy enough, or connected enough (or have an older sister to take your place), you should be eliminated. We felt sorry for the little girl, Rue, that died because she seemed so helpless and cute, but how sad did we feel for any of the others that got murdered, we even cheered and deemed it appropriate that they die. Some of us were even hoping Peeta got taken out, for acting so weak.

I honestly see this as a commentary on the way things are now. After this huge economic downturn, we as a society are not only looking at our diminishing resources and thinking what are we going to do, we are looking at our population, and thinking why should they be consuming these more and more limited resources! We are allowing this thinking to take hold and planting the seeds for a generation that has no care for anyone, or anything that is weak, or seen to be of no use. A generation that will be so selfish, that it will in the midst of it’s selfishness think it is doing someone else good by eliminating them (just along as it is not themselves).

At this time we need more than ever to show the love of God. Why I say the love of God, and not just love, because our love doesn’t cut it, our love is conditional, dependent on circumstances. We need a greater love, a powerful love. A love that in it is no fear of not having enough, a love, that in it is more than enough for everybody, a love that in there is provision, safety, mercy & grace. A love so strong that instead of taking - it gave. We need to stand up and love, we need to take action, not just speak about it. We need to stop the pervasion of this cotton wool wrapped stinking thinking. We need to lift the mindset and thinking of our society, to aspire to something bigger and greater than the individual glory and search and desire the collective glory and  well being. 

With all the resources we have on this earth, there need not be one man, woman, or child hungry. There need not be one person who does not have access to health care. There need not be one person so desperate that they are prepared to give up their children to traffickers, knowing within themselves that they are being lied too, but so desperate they choose to believe the lie.There is something you can do to make a difference. We need to stand up, come together and purposefully pursue that which is for the betterment of all, not just self. 

Some of you have more stuff than others, and you have worked hard for it, and I do not deny that you deserve to be blessed and to enjoy it, however know this it is not what you receive that makes a man, it is what you give. Find it in your hearts to give. Not to take, not to celebrated the elimination of those that are weaker, but look to help, and lift up, look to the ethos of the Olympic Games, peace amongst man, and don’t look to the message of the Hunger Games - kill those that are weaker. 

And as we finish that, the next project studios are falling over themselves for is “Fifty Shades of Grey”, an even worse indictment on where we are as a society, but that is for another blog!

So my friends, take a good look at your thinking and your intentions and do they really agree with what you agree with. Or a re they just fantasy’s. Are you being true to yourself, or is your image of yourself based on fantasy, something you think you are but in truth you are not. Step back and invite God to come in, to strengthen you, to guide you, and to help you understand the greater purpose of all this!

Till next time meditate on those things that are good….




Katniss by ^alicexz

Are you, are youComing to the treeWhere they strung up a man they say murdered three.Strange things did happend hereNo stranger would it beIf we met at midnight in the hanging tree.

Are you, are you
Coming to the tree
Where they strung up a man they say murdered three.
Strange things did happend here
No stranger would it be
If we met at midnight in the hanging tree.